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  • Chip Tanaka turns colorful pixels into awesome music with this 30-minute set
    Nintendo on Acid
    Chip Tanaka turns colorful pixels into awesome music with this 30-minute set

    There’s only one thing to brighten your day: By listening to this 30-minute set by Chip Tanaka, that’s Nintendo composer Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka’s amazing alias, which was played at the the Cart Diggers event in Tokyo, hosted by the Red Bull Academy. You may remember the sounds of “Dr. Mario”, “Donkey Kong” and “Metroid”, yes, Hirokazu made them. Awesome! The event...

  • These Illustrations perfectly show how fucked up our modern world really is
    Flesh Market
    These Illustrations perfectly show how fucked up our modern world really is

    Girls who get on their knees for a few unimportant likes, children who get mutilated by cute video game heroes, people who can only live an almost normal existence by taking shitloads of medications. Spanish illustrator Luis Quiles knows how to immortalize the pervert world we live in – in a perfect and kind of shocking way. The explicit collection of...

  • Rebel In Underwear
    Miley Cyrus
    Rebel In Underwear

    I have no idea, how I should feel about Miley Cyrus. And it bothers me. You know, she has all the features which should let me buy all her posters and have kinky sexual incidents with them. Until I’m empty. And happy. And dead. I mean,...

  • Pure Heartache
    Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You
    Pure Heartache

    Okay, autumn’s here and all. And I’ve been lovesick. And then there’s Ellie Goulding with her new track. Called “How Long Will I Love You”. And I’m sitting here and start to cry, like those fuckin’ casting show broads who haven’t realized yet, that this shit...

  • Go Kindergarten
    Lonely Island x Robyn
    Go Kindergarten

    We all know these embarrassing dance zombies, who do everything some strange DJ tells them to do? „Now a step to the left! Now put your hands up! Now crash your head against your girlfriend! Whoooo, you’re so craaaazyyy!“ The Lonely Island and Robyn wrote a...

  • Disconnect From The World
    Tokyo Dreams
    Disconnect From The World

    Life in Tokyo can be a busy life. Get up at 6, quick breakfast while storming out the door, overtime hours, home at 10 in the night. If you’re lucky. And repeat ad infinitum. For some people, the daily train commute is the only chance to...

  • Internet Memes As Oil Paintings
    Lauren Kaelin
    Internet Memes As Oil Paintings

    Lauren Kaelin sure loves memes. So she started to make oil paintings out of them and notes that her art project called “Benjameme” is “inspired by Walter Benjamin and the Ikea Monkey.” Each of Kaelin’s paintings are available for sale as matte prints for $20 or matte poster prints for $75. These are the perfect gifts for every classic Internet fan!

  • Pure Balm For The Soul
    The xx - Fiction
    Pure Balm For The Soul

    The xx‘s new video is a feverish dream made out of black and white, a come down, for you and your friends, pure balm for the soul. “Fiction” from last year’s album “Coexist” guides you trough the trials and tribulations of everyday life, through the forwards...

  • How Pissed Are You Really?
    Yahoo Buys Tumblr
    How Pissed Are You Really?

    Yeah, everyone knows, Yahoo, with its CEO Marissa Meyer, has bought microblogging plattform Tumblr for a crap load of money: a whopping 1.1 billion dollar! For real! And now everyone uses their Twitter accounts to discuss if that was a good decision – or not. We...

  • Time Lapse
    Mixtape Monday
    Time Lapse

    Somehow I just don’t get it. Just a couple of months back, we were kissing, happily screaming, drinking on New Years Eve; with a bottle of champagne and glittery faces. It was so freezing that night, and we were laughing and had all those good wishes...

  • Crazy Girl In A Crazy Country
    Kreayshawn Goes To Japan
    Crazy Girl In A Crazy Country

    Who said that we only could publish news from today and yesterday on this site? That’s right: No one! So it doesn’t bother anyone, that this video is from 2012, Kreayshawn runs around my favorite city in the world: Tokyo! And Osaka. I have absolutely no...

  • Naked Women Hate Barbie
    Femen in Berlin
    Naked Women Hate Barbie

    We all know that Barbie is like a plastic-wrapped Hitler for feminists around the world. She’s blonde, has big tits, acts like a housewife all the time. Hobbies: Cruising around the country in a camper, cuddle with cute puppies and make Ken some pancakes when he realizes again, that he has quite nothing between his legs. No wonder that a bunch...

  • Borderline Beats
    Mixtape Monday
    Borderline Beats

    Jumping on the bed or sob into the pillow, 10 hours rave in your brother’s basement or alone at home with red wine howlin into nightmares: No matter if you are a pubescent in your teenage years or a twenty-something of Generation Y, that almost 100%...

  • The Emancipation Of Miley
    Miley Cyrus
    The Emancipation Of Miley

    Mario Testino, I also call him the Terry Richardson with taste, has shot Disney chick, trouble hair style and walking raspy voice Miley Cyrus for the current issue of V Magazines. And yes, you could say, you don’t see the 20 year old singer that sexy...

  • Coming Back To Berlin
    Dear Diary
    Coming Back To Berlin

    There’s nothing better than returning home from a long journey and coming back welcomed by all the people you like. Because they are as crazy as you are. Or even more. So after I landed back in Berlin, I found myself right in the unofficial home...

  • Ten Little Missions
    Your Weekend
    Ten Little Missions

    Once again, a week full of trouble, terror and also possibly some boredom is drawing to a close. That means the upcoming weekend is just around the corner. And that means on the other hand: It’s time for your Ten Little Missions once again! Yeah, you...

  • The Sharper Image
    Megan Fox
    The Sharper Image

    Indeed, Megan Fox is still hot! Dare to disagree with me on this point! Here, the 26-year old mother / actress / breathing sex phantasy is wearing lingerie in her hottest photoshoot ever – for The Sharper Image . “I have always been a bit of a gadget geek and into different types of technology,” she says in a statement about...

  • Remember When
    Remember When

    Sometimes I lie awake all night and think about the days that lie behind me. With some people I probably will never see again. With great moments and small problems I probably will never experience again. Thinking about how to beat the boss in that unfair...

  • You & Me
    You & Me

    Everyone’s a little bit in love with Eliza Doolittle. With her strange but sweet surname and a voice, bright like… something… with angels and heaven, I guess… I don’t know. But the guys of Disclosure seem to feel the same way. Their new track “You &...

  • Karina in Big Sur
    Darren Ankenman
    Karina in Big Sur

    Summer’s almost here, and I can’t wait to stride out of the door, get rid of all my sorrows, fears and problems and let this strange fireball on the sky take me with everything it has. Like Karina, shot by Darren Ankenman for French fashion magazine...

  • Welcome To Wonderland
    Alice's Fantasy Restaurant
    Welcome To Wonderland

    Tokyo is a megacity full of whimsicalities, secrets and awesomeness. If you wander around you may get lost within a moment, but perhaps you’ll find yourself in one of these fantastical wonders. Like Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant, an establishment which could be right cut out of a...

  • Sailor Moon Biker Gang
    Babs Tarr
    Sailor Moon Biker Gang

    You know, I really miss “Sailor Moon”. Because… to be honest: I used to be Sailor Moon! Really! When I was a kid, the story about magical school girls saving the world from evil Anime monsters and kissing some guys in cute tuxedos was my life. Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako and the cat! Aaaahhh, I miss them all so much!...

  • The Ultimate Hipster Camera
    Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs
    The Ultimate Hipster Camera

    In a sad and cruel world, where even your loser neighbor Stephen has one of those once so cool expensive digital single-lens reflex cameras, and at a special time, where vintage and retro are not vintage and retro enough anymore, thou seek for the unsurpassable expression...

  • It’s A Fez Remix Album
    FZ: Side F
    It’s A Fez Remix Album

    “Fez” by “worse than EA” Phil Fish is for sure one of the most successful indie video games of 2012 and can be mentioned in the same breath with “Minecraft”, “Super Meat Boy” and “Braid”. It proved, that you don’t have to lose yourself in one...

  • Crew Love Is True Love
    iGNANT x Haw-Lin x No74 Berlin
    Crew Love Is True Love

    I always love it when you go somewhere and you know all your friends will be there too. And when spring almost feels like summer. Yesterday, our homies from Berlin’s most awesome art and design blog iGNANT invited us to Torstraße 74 in Berlin Mitte to celebrate...

  • The Tumblr Sovereign
    David Karp
    The Tumblr Sovereign

    They’re young, they’re inexperienced in life, but yet, they bear more responsibility than most of all the managers, CEOs and presidents of other so-called startup companies together: Fledgling Internet moguls. David Karp is the founder of the short-form blogging platform Tumblr – a never-ending stream of...

  • Win A Diana Deluxe Photo Kit
    Win A Diana Deluxe Photo Kit

    We love photos. The ability to keep the most precious moments of your whole life. Forever. To look at them days, weeks, sometimes years later and remember those great experiences, the long lost friends, perhaps people, who are still near you, kiss you, hold you. And if we love one thing more than photos, than it’s good photos! Special, outstanding ones....

  • Daydreams

    Who doesn’t know that feeling: You are sitting at your desk – at school, uni, work, wherever – and you have exactly two hours to finish that shit in front of you. But somehow you cannot focus; your eyes are wandering out of that window, where...

  • Very Sexy
    Victoria’s Secret
    Very Sexy

    Guess who directed the newest commercial for Victoria’s Secret’s current “Very Sexy” campaign? Yeah: Michael Bay! The man who cuddles with explosions in his bed at night, the man who put Megan Fox into “Transformers” and therefore directly into our heads, when we sleep with our...

  • Yung Rapunxel
    Azealia Banks
    Yung Rapunxel

    Harlem original Azealia Banks has released the long awaited music video for her first single “Yung Rapunxel” off her debut album “Broke With Expensive Taste”. It was directed by Jam Sutton and tells the story of a riot squad in some sort of dystopian future. Or...

  • The Saddest Tumblr In The World
    Webcam Tears
    The Saddest Tumblr In The World

    You had a rough day, hadn’t you, dear? Well, then get yourself some tissues and click trough the saddest Tumblr blog in the whole wide world: Webcam Tears. A lonely place where people from all over the world are crying. Because their heart is broken. Because...

  • Hanging Canvas Furniture
    Yasuko Furukawa
    Hanging Canvas Furniture

    If you are the incarnation of the first minimal living person on this planet, then these are made for you. Or if you just want to surprise your guests. Japanese design studio YOY have developed ‘canvas‘, a series of two-dimensional hanging furniture pieces. Constructed out of aluminum and wood, the volume is covered by an elastic fabric, printed with drawings of...

  • Well Dunn
    Jourdan Dunn
    Well Dunn

    Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne are not only models who make a living out of looking superb in quite expensive clothes, but they also love to cook. And they’re really great. Kind of. Jourdan has her own cooking show on YouTube called “Well Dunn”, which is...

  • The Future Of Transportation
    Boosted Boards
    The Future Of Transportation

    Boosted Boards was a Kickstarter success last fall, when the team raised over $467,000 to further develop their 12-pound electric longboard. It’s meant to be an alternative to cars and public transport in urban areas like Los Angeles, London and Berlin. Some of the startup’s first...

  • Just Like A Little Girl
    Anais Pouliot
    Just Like A Little Girl

    Like Bob Dylan once said: “She aches just like a woman, but she breaks just like a little girl.” French Canadian model Anais Pouliot was shot by Bojana Tatarska for Glass magazine under exact this headline. And yeah, she looks gorgeous and yeah, I would marry...

  • I Love New York
    DQM x Vans
    I Love New York

    Legendary sneakers manufacturer Vans and New York’s DQM present their Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook highlighting the upcoming “I Love NY” pack featuring the Authentic and Sk8-Hi. More or less famous people like Vashtie Kola, Shadi Perez and Ryan Hickey are taking part as models in the photo...

  • How To Get Girls
    Steven Fernandez
    How To Get Girls

    You have absolutely no idea how to catch a girl’s attention? You’re lucky: Steven Fernandez, a.k.a. Baby Scumbag, knows! Hey may be just a normal 13-year-old skater from a bad neighborhood in L.A., but, man, he’s got skills like a pro! Grab a pen and paper and write everything down this little Jesus tells you. He’s like your new bible to...

  • Our Mom Is Our Biggest Fan
    Our Mom Is Our Biggest Fan

    Do you remember what your days were like when you were 18 years old? Yep, you were probably still figuring out life in general, studying for your finals and worrying about skin care. Guy and Howard Lawrence of Disclosure are exactly that age, 21 and 18...

  • A Woman We Love
    Alison Brie
    A Woman We Love

    Alison Brie, you may know here from “Mad Men”, “Community” or your soggy dreams, gets supersexy for her shooting with men’s magazine Esquire. In front of a pool, with a wickedly cheeky smile that plays around her lips. On the green grass, eating some popcorn. And...

  • Lost
    Frank Ocean

    Frank Ocean‘s latest video for “Lost” is a split-screen travelogue by Fancisco Soriano, Cisco, Nabil and Lexiou WesCudi, following the 25-year old singer-songwriter from New Orleans, Louisiana, through places like Tokyo, Paris and Dubai. For most of you, this may be closest thing to getting lost...

  • Catching Fire
    The Hunger Games
    Catching Fire

    On the one hand, The “Hunger Games” trilogy is nothing more than a cheap copy of “Battle Royale”. You know: Strange kids are heading toward a mortal combat. And so on. But on the other hand… Jennifer Lawrence. I don’t have to say anything else. After...

  • An Afternoon In A Cat Café
    Hapi Neko
    An Afternoon In A Cat Café

    There are a few essential things to do, as soon as you arrive in Tokyo. Take a photo of the big crossing in Shibuya for example. Or go shopping in the always crowded Takeshita-dori in Harajuku. Or drink an ice cold Asahi Super Dry in Yoyogi Park, where you can watch drama students going crazy and cute couples staring embarrassedly into...

  • Gentleman

    If your somehow stupid little sister is still happily dancing around while listening to the millionth repeat of last year’s hype track “Gangnam Style”, then you can grab her head now, turn her around and shout at her: „Stop it, Diana! Gangnam Style is finally over!...

  • No Problems
    Azealia Banks
    No Problems

    Like Rebecca Black once made more than clear: After Friday comes Saturday. And for the young people out there, that means: One more day left for paaaarteeeeyyyy! Or something like that. While you’re washing your face, drinking some Red Bulls and snorting the rest of some...

  • North Korea’s Target No. 1
    Living In Tokyo
    North Korea’s Target No. 1

    It’s been two weeks now that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un went totally crazy and declared war to anything with a heartbeat. First he wanted to set South Korea on fire, then he dissed the United States and yesterday he announced, his target No. 1 is...

  • Deep In The Woods
    Britany Nola
    Deep In The Woods

    When was the last time you left the city and went on an adventure in the wild woods instead of hanging around in front of the computer in an overpriced café all day long? Playboy‘s Miss November Britany Nola asked herself the same question and dragged...

  • Beautiful People Everywhere
    Monki Berlin Store Opening
    Beautiful People Everywhere

    If you are one of those strange but somehow adorable wanna-be fashion victims like me and occasionally hang around in that magical city called Berlin, your overwhelmed brain might just explode right now. Swedish fashion label Monki opened its doors today at Münzstraße 20, right in the center of the German capital. That’s exactly where the cool kids live. Even if...

  • The Most Fuckable Celebrity
    Mila Kunis
    The Most Fuckable Celebrity

    According to a recent poll by Details Magazine, Mila Kunis, you may remember her as the cheeky girl from “That ’70s Show”, who is now having fun with the private parts of Ashton Kutcher, is more fuckable than her colleagues Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba...

  • County of Milan
    Marcelo Burlon
    County of Milan

    Argentinian designer Marcelo Burlon presents his current Fall/Winter 2013 collection for girls with a video lookbook. While Tupac’s singing in the background, a bunch of models is dancing around in front of a black wall. You can see various shirts from County of Milan’s product line,...

  • Overgrown
    James Blake

    British prodigy James Blake is back with his new quite stunning video for “Overgrown”. A dark blue journey trough woods, fields and the ocean – including strange black dressed dancers and a beautiful star-spattered sky. Just make yourself a little bit comfortable, close your eyes –...

  • Hail To The Penis!
    Kanamara Matsuri
    Hail To The Penis!

    Genitals, both primary and secondary, are quite amazing. Everyone knows that. In all the cultures. So we went to Kawasaki in Japan, to join the annual so called Kanamara Matsuri – the penis festival! And it was great! We arrived at the usually quite quiet and...

  • The White Wall Experience
    Dorith Mous
    The White Wall Experience

    Between his trips to New York City and Rome, camera veteran Terry Richardson had the time to do a little photo shooting with Dutch-born model Dorith Mous, of course in front of his distinctive white wall. To be honest, I had absolutely no idea who Dorith was, before these pictures were made. But now I know. And everyone else does, too.

  • Boiler Room
    Boiler Room

    Canadian DJ and producer Lunice took his opportunity to perform at Ray-Ban and Boiler Room’s SXSW Warehouse Broadcast in Austin, Texas, by killing the trap, after they buried swag and inviting guests like Mykki Blanco, performing some tracks from her forthcoming “Betty Rubble: The Initiation EP”,...

  • The Dreamcast Backpack
    Sega Kawaii
    The Dreamcast Backpack

    If you remember playing games like “Shenmue”, “Skies of Arcadia” or “Phantasy Star Online”, then you were lucky enough to own one of the most revolutionary, but not necessary successful videogame consoles of our generation: The Sega Dreamcast, released in 1998. Home of stars like Sonic,...

  • We’re Younger And Weirder
    Shane Smith
    We’re Younger And Weirder

    This man has big plans. Without any doubts. World domination is within his reach. Shane Smith, one of the founders of VICE magazine and CEO of VICE Media, just launched his own tv show on HBO, which he has described as “6o Minutes for young people.”...

  • An Alternative Childhood
    Tokyo Diary
    An Alternative Childhood

    After a couple of rainy days, when the sun’s finally showing up again, Tokyo seems to sigh with a relief. The heavy wind with its lost and straying umbrellas is gone, the dark clouds are now causing trouble elsewhere. Hopefully far, far away. When you open...