They called me disgusting - Since I’ve Started Growing Out My Armpit Hair, No One Wants To Fuck Me Anymore

I’ve been growing out my armpit hair for about two months now. Admittedly, it didn’t start as a conscious decision, I was just too lazy to shave. Then, suddenly, a…
They called me disgusting

Since I’ve Started Growing Out My Armpit Hair, No One Wants To Fuck Me Anymore

I’ve been growing out my armpit hair for about two months now. Admittedly, it didn’t start as a conscious decision, I was just too lazy to shave. Then, suddenly, a good friend of mine who visited me for a while told me about his preference for hairy pits. He likes the look, the smell, the pure and wild nature of girls with hairy pits. So I decided to keep growing my hair out.

For quite a while I’ve been growing my bush out and the guys are going crazy for it! Maybe because it makes them feel like they’re sticking their cock into a real woman. A real, hairy woman. Now I’ve been growing out my armpit hair as well and am pretty turned on by that! I save so much time in my grooming routine and find myself so appealing!

My friends declare the neatly trimmed bush beneath my arms to be risky. They are all shaved because somehow that’s the way to handle things. According to society, anyways. Never have I seen one of those wannabe glamorous magazines depict anything but a bald armpit. And none of those armpits ever have any pores or lines, because they have all been photoshopped.

Sometimes those photoshopped women wind up not having any armpit at all. And for some reason, this isn’t even considered a photoshop fail, but a regular depiction of a female body. Alright, armpits are pretty gross. I myself would prefer not licking someone else’s. But I’ve heard of people paying a lot of money for that. For licking across a stranger’s armpit, preferably while absorbing a decent amount of sweat through the tongue.

Different strokes for different folks. Since recently that has meant hairy pits for me. I’ve always considered men’s shaved pits a huge turn-off. Just like hairless faces, stomachs, or genitalia. Only shaved balls are tolerable. But it’s a big mystery to me, how they manage to do that anyway since most men painfully cringe as soon as I gently stroke their balls. I don’t dare to imagine the logistics of putting a sharp razor close to your genitalia in front of a bathroom mirror.

Since recently I’ve also acquired a taste in hairy girls: Girls that aren’t shaved, depilated or waxed under their arms. Unfortunately, there are way too few of those and I think I know why. Not too long ago I hooked up with a guy I met at a party. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: „Well, here we go. Nadine, that little bitch, is presenting one of her sex stories again!“ And yes, that’s true. But only because I know you enjoy reading about them!

I was in the mood for fucking, so I took this man home with me. And honestly: I love fucking, you love fucking, almost everyone likes fucking, so let’s just say it: fuck. We met in one of those shabby little clubs in Berlin. One of those clubs that play terrible music and for some reason, there’s never enough room to dance.

He was one of those skinny, tall guys. Wearing glasses and rocking a full beard. Plaid shirt and jeans that were way too tight. His tote bag was heavily stained from the booze he smuggled into the club. I really like this kind of guys. They think they are so cool, but all they are is a cliché. And that’s exactly what they might say about me.

So we made out in the club, his boner was more than just an idea. Then I took him home. There we continued making out, finished his booze. When it got serious, he took off my tight shirt in a clumsy manner and revealed my hairy pits. After that, he wasn’t in the mood for sexy time at all!

“„You’re not shaved?“”, he asked. “That’s right!“”, I replied, „“Is that a problem for you?“” “Dude, that’s just gross! You didn’t seem that poorly groomed at first!“” Just imagine: This guy, with fucked up shoes and more stains on his tote bag than Sasha Grey has had in her face throughout her entire career, wanted to make me believe I was disgusting because I didn’t shave my armpits.

„Do you have a razor here? If you’d quickly shave them off, we could continue.“ Then it occurred to me: something did have to go. But it wasn’t my pit hair, it was this guy. If a few hairs can kill his boner, he couldn’t have been that great after all. Not shaving has never stopped any of my exes from fucking me. No matter what region I was too lazy to remove my hair from.

That scenario has repeated itself in similar ways twice. I suspect that to be the reason why most girls who dabble with the occasional no shave experiment end up removing their hair anyway. I plead for hairy pits on girls and women. May it be as a feminist statement to silence catcallers or simply because it turns you on: Let your hair grow in your pits. And on your legs as well.

No one enjoys being called dirty. Those few hairs are neither an indication for uncleanliness not for a fuck-it attitude in the matter of personal hygiene. They simply grow there. In the end, it’s no one’s business why you shave or not. Especially no creepy dudes who only care about scoring your moist panty. And after all: There are people like my friend and me who find pleasure in women’s hairy pits!

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