Yahoo Buys Tumblr - How Pissed Are You Really?

Yeah, everyone knows, Yahoo, with its CEO Marissa Meyer, has bought microblogging plattform Tumblr for a crap load of money: a whopping 1.1 billion dollar! For real! And now everyone…
Yahoo Buys Tumblr

How Pissed Are You Really?

Yeah, everyone knows, Yahoo, with its CEO Marissa Meyer, has bought microblogging plattform Tumblr for a crap load of money: a whopping 1.1 billion dollar! For real! And now everyone uses their Twitter accounts to discuss if that was a good decision – or not. We asked three Tumblr fans what they think about the deal and if David Karp betrayed his fellowship for more money than he could ever spend. Perhaps we are just jealous, who knows.

Monika Mogi, Photographer

Are you afraid that Yahoo will destroy Tumblr with its acquisition?

In my opinion, Yahoo sucks. Who uses Yahoo anyway? No one uses Yahoo as their e-mail or for web searches. I would hate for Tumblr to start advertising all over the place. I think that is what I most care about. I really hope advertisements don’t start popping up on actual blogs because that is why Tumblr is so popular – for its clean canvas. However, Flickr is owned by Yahoo and I think Flickr is pretty clean, so maybe it won’t matter at all.

What would you do with 1.1 billion dollar?

First I would buy land and create a self sufficient house and farm in Okinawa with lots of solar panels. Which really I don’t need that much money to do. I would give most of the money to my mother and grandmother so they can travel wherever they want and live in their dream house. I would spend the rest traveling my whole life and creating a publishing company, art gallery, photo studio, book store, artist residency… something along those lines. Also create thousands of microfarms in big cities, especially low income areas, so they can grow their own food and plant trees everywhere!

What’s your favorite Tumblr blog at that point?

One of my favorite Tumblr blogs is Valleygal. I’m not sure how I found it but I really love all the art this person finds and posts. My friend Lena’s Tumblr is very interesting because she describes it as a shiritori of images. I love how each image speaks to the next yet there isn’t really any overall cohesion. And Sad Girls Only may be conceited but this is my other blog which I created with individual color sections. I actually feel high when I see all of the same colored images together.

Zoey Denisson, Administrator at a tattoo shop

Why are you using Tumblr?

I started using Tumblr back in the beginning of 2009, when it was not yet popular in Russia, and i fell in love instantly. There hasn’t been a blogging platform so simple and stylish. Tumblr made it look like an iPhone app – minimalistic interface, minimalistic functionality, nothing more than you actually need from a blog. So clever, and so enjoyable to use. Because the last thing you need in a blogging platform is a complicated interface and “first need to get a degree in IT” usability. Blogspot sucks, WordPress sucks a bit less, Livejournal sucks a massive prick, as well as all other blogging platforms. Because Tumblr, that’s why.

Do you think many things will change now?

Fuck Yahoo! Really, i am gonna mourn so much! Remember i just told you about Tumblr’s perfectly minimalistic design and functionality. well, Yahoo is so far on the contrary, the sun doesn’t even shine there. you know what i mean. It’s just like… sooo 2003. And i hate that purple color they use, it just doesn’t look good on white. Just yuck! I can see why Yahoo needs Tumblr, but i don’t really see how Tumblr needs it back. Maybe it’s just that i’m not familiar with Tumblr’s insight, but i don’t see any other reason, but that Yahoo is a huge company with pockets packed tight. Am i wrong thinking Tumblr is actually fine just the way it is? But also i think that even if that occurs, which would be a major bummer, Tumblr won’t let Yahoo merge a lot, at least in the beginning. But then… hell knows what would happen to Tumby then. Oh, i know. they will make it purple. The horror!

Would you pay money to be allowed to use an ad-free version of Tumblr?

What? Are you for real? Just… just stop messing with Tumblr! Just stop! Leave it be. It’s good the way it is, independent. And when indie goes mainstream, it’s pretty duff.

Paul Heger, Designer

Do you think Yahoo made the right decision to buy Tumblr?

Yes, Tumblr is too stupid to get enough money to survive by its own. It’s quite clever for Yahoo to buy it and to make money with it. Or help it.

Would you sleep with Marissa Mayer for 1.1 billion dollar?

She’s married, so I don’t think that’ll happen. But if she’d give me so much money, only to have sex with her, of course I would do that!

Do you think enough young people will pay money to get their Tumblr account free of ads?

I really hope Tumblr is not stupid enough to just put banner ads on the dashboard. I hope they find a better solution. Because why should I pay money for Tumblr? Most people are there, because their life is boring. If they have to pay for Tumblr, they’ll leave. It’s as easy as that. And you can block ads quite easily today, like on Facebook. But let’s sit and wait. We’ll know soon enough what Marissa wants to do with her new toy…

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  • Most of the time I don’t like Yahoo. They are very agressive. But…

    Yesterday I received this email from Tumblr saying some things have changed:
    1 TERABYTE of disk space per account!
    Uploaded pictures maintain there original size!

    So, no I’m not pissed, I’m happy…

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  • Hm… Contact your web admin. Comments are disturbed by other elements. Needs some CSS fixing.

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