Iggy Azalea - On Some Days I Like Having Small Boobs, On Some Days I Want Big Boobs

Self-proclaimed million dollar misfit Iggy Azalea is probably the cutest girl in the world. Although she swears more often than your alcoholic stepfather. We met 22 year old Australian rapper…
Iggy Azalea

On Some Days I Like Having Small Boobs, On Some Days I Want Big Boobs

Self-proclaimed million dollar misfit Iggy Azalea is probably the cutest girl in the world. Although she swears more often than your alcoholic stepfather. We met 22 year old Australian rapper in Berlin, where she proved how well she masters her passion. The crowd was swept away by a strong ponytail hurling and booty shaking entertainer in some sexy cheerleader outfit.

In 2011, she released her mixtape “Ignorant Art” and got attention for her tracks “My World”, “Murda Bizness” and “Pussy.” The latter song could remind you of “My Neck, My Back” by Khia, which used to be broadcasted in a censored version on MTV. And still today, female rappers have to justify their sexual freedom in a male-dominated hip-hop world.

Iggy is a big fan of classical Nanny Fran Fine and Grace Kelly. The words “Trust Your Struggle” grace her arm. Her current masterpiece “Work” can be found on everyone’s lips and Facebook walls. Rapper Azealia Banks must be envious. It’s obvious that all-round talent Iggy Azalea has the best chances to become a true legend.

Iggy Azalea

When you were at high school, where you a misfit?

Yes. When I was in high school, everybody thought, I was weird as hell. And I used to walk home at lunch times, because my house was down the street from my school. I really had no friends. I would go home at lunch time and tur on my computer to look at music and different artists and stuff I liked. And I wouldn’t want to go back to school.

May I ask you why?

Just because I liked to dress how I liked to dress, and I liked to do things like change my names and be like ”žMy name is blablabla“, just stuff like that. Kids were like ”žShe’s kinda weird, we don’t really know about her“. I don’t know. Kids are mean, you know.

Today, if you are an outsider, you are appreciated for who you are.

I think you get appreciated for that, when you are an artist, or when you are a grown up. Being unique is celebrated. but I still think back to these days. If you ask a lot of kids at high school, literally outsiders, they probably still get picked on. They still hate it, they are still saying shit. It’s just, we are growing up, so we have a broader understanding, and it’s appreciated.

But today you are a million dollar misfit.

Yes. (Laughing)

That’s good.

It’s pretty good. (Laughing)

What would you do, if you hadn’t become a rapper?

My mother was a very bad cook when I was a child. But I always wanted to eat home-made cakes. I have always tried, but the dough did never rise and was always flat. And my family always said: “Iggy is the worst baker. Do not eat her cake. It’s disgusting.” And I thought, I’ll find a way to bake delicious cakes. And so I’ve been practicing and I’m really good. So I thought if I do not rap, I’ll bake cakes. Because it’s like art. You design and paint them. So I thought, why not be a baker.

I read that you also paint.

Yes, my father is an artist. I like drawing and making etchings. My father is a comic artist and likes comic books. When I grew up, I was interested primarily in line work, that hard line implementation. Therefore I like etchings and drawings. That’s to me like meditation. I still draw and give my friends the drawings for their birthdays.

Iggy Azalea

What’s your favorite comic, or your superhero?

My favorite super hero? I like Catwoman. Well actually I like Poison Ivy, but she’s not a super hero, but I just like her hair. Raarrrr, I like powerful women. I like looking at the old comic book characters, they drew woman, that are curvy, big hips, and I always think ”žI wish I could look like that comic book girls“.

You are pretty curvy.

But I have little boobs.

You have great physique.

I have a nice butt, doing okay.

So are you self-conscious with your own look?

I think, all women are. We all have things about us, that we like, and we all have things about us, that we want to hide, cover up. Somedays I like having small boobs, some days I want big boobs. You know how women are. We change. It just depends. Right now I feel pretty good about everything.

Would you ever change your hair color? Never?

I would never change it. I already tried, it all plant out. When I’m like 50, I’m gonna go grey. All grey like a silver fox. What’s it called, when you’re the women version? I don’t know, but I’ll have it. Straight haircut, and it will be great, and I’ll do that. That’s the only chance. I’ve always been a blonde.

So you are a natural blonde. I can see it on your eyebrows.

I had to get these drawn on, because mine are blonder than this.

Which fashion designers do you love most?

I really love Jeremy Scott. I was never crazy about his style, but every day I have always seen myself suddenly put in his things. So I must say that he is one of them. His fashion is always loud, colorful and fun. The jacket that I am wearing is from him. I like anything that has bold prints. But I love Karen Miller. No one would think that of me. But I like the classic cut and the color blocking of the clothes. I also love the dresses by Elie Saab. Women have so many different moods and characters that we love to play with. I like to play with different designers, according to the character that I feel now.

Iggy Azalea

Let’s talk about your album ”žIgnorant Art“. It was made with the intent to make people question old ideals. How did you redefine your old ideals and how do they look now?

I’ve never had my own. It wasn’t to redefine my. It was to redefine everybody else’s, because I feel like people always tell me ”žYou can’t rap, because you look like this“. And I thought, you have an ideal in your head of what a rapper looks like or what hip-hop looks like. And I am from somewhere else, where I see everybody looks like this. And I think maybe it’s bigger than what you think, and I just wanted people to question that and see that it could be different, I would hear people often talk about music or art as well and say ”žOh, Picasso is not a real painter or pop art is not real art. How is taking a label, and painting again art? That’s not art, Renaissance is real art or soul music is real music, blues is real music, rap is not real music, or if it’s rap about a story of you’re life it’s good music, but if it’s about having fun or having party it’s not real music and I thought: Why is one better than the other? Or what makes something art, or what makes something music and what makes it trash, or not? I just wanted to experiment with that and try to show that music can be still fun and be art and be great as well.

So, more tolerance?

More tolerance, I think. People are always concerned with what’s going on in their world or their city or country, that you can forget that. There is this big whole world full of people that like the same thing, but they are a little bit different. And you can’t have this music or this culture or this style to where it’s available to us. But then how can you say ”žYou can hear it, but you can’t make it“. You are not allowed, because you don’t look like us. That’s just not the case how it evolves and I just want people to see it was evolving and it was something bigger and I want them to be able to see for themselves.

You showed your butt at a show in London. Would you think of calling yourself a feminist?

Ooh, not really. Because somethings that I think feminists probably would kick my ass, I still want a man that kind of be like ”žCook me dinner!“ some nights. Just as a women, I think, sometimes all women enjoy, like you want to feel… security?

Yeah, security of a men, being a man, and sometimes you want to feel like that but then I feel that like in my personal relationships, but when it comes to what society thinks or what I see in media, why women get portrayed. I never feel that way, well what the hell ”žFuck you!“ I want to change it. I don’t like it and I don’t like that women can’t be aggressive or wear this or that. Why does it have to be feminism? It’s like a connotation of what that is kinda in the media, I don’t like it. So in that sense I am, but in my personal life and in other parts I still like to have the traditional role.

Iggy Azalea

You’re never really naked, but you show lots of skin. But that seems to be fine with you, because at the other side of the world, men try to…

…men try to sexualize women and we grow up as women and as men, with this idea being said to us of what is okay, what sort of sex or sexuality is okay for a women. Long hair, thats okay, or to be this picture of the magazine, that’s sexuality, that’s okay and it’s almost like portrayed as ”žYou have to be that, you owe it to the men to be that“. And in all the movies the men end up with the same fucking girl, you know what I mean? And why does it have to be that? I don’t like the meaning of what that sexiness is. I don’t think it’s powerful, a lot of times, if you do it in a way, that is almost aggressive to them, and all the time feminists are coming and saying ”žOh, what is she doing?“ and freaking out. Well, fuck you! I think women should be able to be sexy in whatever way they want, however they want to define it, and we should be able to have our own power, and we should be able to define what we think it is to us.

And we should be the ones that put the images out there of how we want to be portrayed and not how it’s demeaning. And I think women get messed up, it’s like ”žOh no, she showed her butt, ooh it’s demeaning!“ And it is, if you take the power out of it, and you take the power of out it, into your own hands, and fuck you. I am doing it, and you can feel fucking good about it! And it’s awesome and it’s what I think about it, and where I come from. And I always do that stuff, because I think it’s bullshit that they try to tell you, you can’t! ‘Cause they are scared of it. And I always do it! Fuck that!

And when it comes to homosexuality in the hip-hop business, do you know how the people handle it?

Like homophobic stuff? Yeah. I do see it. Lately I been working with so many electronic and dance music producers and stuff like that, and that world is kind of more open and tolerant to that sort of thing, or the fashion world. I think slowly but surely rappers are coming around and being more tolerant, but I still, when I’m at the studio, I hear ”žDon’t bring any gay men here!“ or ”žDon’t say anything about that!“. It can be quite harsh but it always goes back to that machonism. Sexuality, that they can’t control, freaks them out like homosexuality or women being powerful, all these things. A lot of men in hip-hop. hip-hop is still patriarchic.

I hate it. I know so many men in the industry that are like ”žAah, she can’t do it!“ It’s just like you don’t want me to do it, because I am doing it in a way that you don’t feel comfortable. They say to me ”žWhy do your songs have to be so aggressive? I don’t want to hear a women say those things. I want a women to be sexy.“ And I always think, well I know plenty of girls they think this shit is sexy. You just want me to be sexy in a way that is submissive to you. Well you find that sexy, fuck that! Because I am not doing it to be sexual to you. I am doing it for women to have something that can make us feel like ”žYeah, fuck yeaah!“ And I think that’s what makes people confused like ”žOh, its sexual.“ ”žIt’s not sexual, it’s sexual for women to feel strong!“ It’s different. And I don’t do it.

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