I love my Game Boy. Not so much as my Super Nintendo though, but when I think about the countless hours I spent sitting in front of my grey little friend, playing classics like Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda – Link’s Awakening or, yes, Tetris, I fall into a nostalgic hole no modern game console…


The end of a year is always a perfect time to delete those annoying songs, artists and bands from your iTunes or Spotify playlists, which were kinda cool when you first heard them, but now you finally realise: Nope, nope – nope. Nope. But what to do with all this free space of mega- and…



Maybe Miley Cyrus is on a personal mission to show her boobs to every living (and maybe also dead?) person on this cute little planet – or she just doesn’t care anymore. Nevertheless she’s not finished yet to preach her feminist thoughts to everyone who wants to hear them – and, most important, to everyone…




Everyone’s waiting for the new Star Wars movie to be released next month and although you can’t safe yourself from an overwhelming avalanche of sometimes quite strange merchandise stuff, there are still those lovely fan made masterpieces out there, which give you a sometimes even long-lost feeling of nostalgia and love for the whole franchise….


Hannah Montana is no more, but Miley Cyrus filled the gap by becoming a modern feminist role model for girls and boys likewise. Just be yourself, don’t harm anyone, have fun – and forget about the rules made by society. Miley uses her fame, her youth and her body to preach her advanced statements and…



Halloween is over, but this boring little fact shouldn’t hold you back from taking a look at the outrageous costumes Tokyo‘s youth wore to celebrate this spooky loud holiday. The biggest Halloween party in Japan took place right in the middle of Shibuya with hundreds of thousands of costumed people, celebrating from noon till dawn….


The Internet is a place full of wonders, opportunities and life changing options. You can be a famous blogger, a celebrated YouTube star or a beautiful Instagram model. The only problem is: To become successful, you quickly have to dedicate yourself to a certain image. It doesn’t matter who you are, but who you seem…




After Grimes dropped her music video for her two new tracks Flesh Without Blood and Life In The Vivid Dream yesterday, today Danish wunderkind MØ released her visual tale for her latest song Kamikaze. Shot in Ukraine, the clip shows the singer riding through the streets, with numerous dance breaks, fires and car stunts thrown…


You really love your colourful Converse sneakers and want to show your affection for them in a new shining way? No problem! The Chuck Taylor All Star Brea from the Liquid Metal Pack comes in gold and sliver – and it’s predestined to attract the attention of everyone around you – even the people who…